BBQ catering menus and example packages

Example Menus


We are not a cookie cutter caterer. Every event we participate in is different and generally has a tailored menu. These example menus are for illustration purposes to get the inspiration flowing - EVERYTHING can be substituted and changed according to your wishes. Ask our inspiring chefs what’s in season, what’s in fashion, what’s unique - you’ll see why Odeen’s is the most interesting caterer for you.

Yes! We love to offer certified organic, we support genuine local producers and we have a wide range of vegan, vegetarian and restricted dietary options.


Classic Pig Roast

Nothing beats the combination of lightly salted crispy crackling and moist and subtly smoked pork. We’ll finish the pig at your house, cranking the temp in the final hour to get that sweet glass-like skin and then pull it in its entirety, serving with classic Southern sides.

Example Menu (based on 50, full service catering)

  • whole Yorkshire hog

  • freshly baked brioche and selection of vinegars & sauces

  • cold bean salad with fire roasted peppers, corn and blue cheese

  • cornbread

  • mac and triple cheese

  • watermelon & pineapple platter

    $35 per person + tax and gratuity


Southern BBQ

We are at our happiest putting together these delicious BBQ meals - the food that everyone thinks of when it comes to BBQ. Taste ours and you’ll see where all that passion goes.

Example Menu (based on 50, full service catering)

  • 18hr brisket

  • house sausage

  • applewood smoked turkey

  • Freshly baked brioche and a variety of sauces

  • potato salad

  • coleslaw & crunchy pickles

  • settler beans

  • honey butter cornbread

  • lemon bars & chocolate brownies

    $40 per person + tax and gratuity


New England Clambake

Summer in the North East has a very special culinary heritage in the clambake. Celebratory seafood barbecue cooked deceptively simply.

Example Menu (based on 50, full service catering)

  • lobster, soft shell clams and mussels

  • crusty French baguettes with lemon and aioli

  • New England boil - steamed corn and heirloom fingerlings, yams and carrots

  • honey butter cornbread

  • Peach cobbler and custard

    $45 per person + tax and gratuity



Our love of wood, fire and smoke brings this genuinely exciting Argentinian menu - easy to see why it’s becoming very popular with customers!

Example Menu (based on 50, full service catering)

  • whole lamb asado (cooked over embers)

  • beef picanha (aka coulotte) on the skewer

  • chorizo

  • vegetables rescoldo (cooked in embers)

  • chapa bread

  • beet & orange salad

  • burnt nectarines with marscapone and hazlenuts

    $50 per person + tax and gratuity